Exposition d'Art Contemporain "VENDÔME 2006"

Hôtel Ritz, place Vendôme in Paris


Jeong-Ae Ju takes inspiration from the idea of wu-wei, or "letting things happen", propounded in the Tao Te Ching, a seminal Taoist work attributed to ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tse.

Lao Tse believed that, as with everything else in the universe, the life of man was constantly impacted by outside forces and that simplicity was the key to truth and freedom.

The philosopher encouraged followers to absorb this teaching so that they would be able to access "the law of nature" and in so doing develop the intuition and personal empowerment necessary for love, and the natural flow of events, to drive their lives.


Lao Tse wrote that by respecting the law of the earth man aligns himself with the law of the Tao which is in turn aligned with the law of nature – and that by choosing this course a person could lead a happy and even idyllic life.


Jeong-Ae Ju's latest work is an expression of the concept of "letting things happen" (“wu - wei” 无为 )